Thursday, February 17, 2005

Waiting for weights

Matt and I purchased a membership at the local university athletic facility. It was $200 less than the local YWCA and god knows how much less expensive than the local Gold's Gym. I've been twice so far, Matt's gone three times. Our plan is 2-3 times/week. So far so good!

I'm looking into doing weight training. With free weights, of course, not sissy machines. Matt does sissy machines. I found a fabulous website for women interested in weight training: Great information a real human female can use, and it's funny. I want to get my metabolism up, my weight down, my strength up, my BMI at a better range, etc etc etc, and the way to do it is through weight training. It helps a lot that I LOVE LIFTING WEIGHTS. I woke up sore the next day, but I slept better than I have in months and felt better than I had in years. You can't beat it.

Matt and I had a big fight on Valentines Day and then somehow worked everything out and have come to some sort of understanding that we haven't had before. It's odd. I think we got real serious about some things and talkec (actually TALKED) about them at length and explained where we were coming from to the other, and we understood (actually UNDERSTOOD!!!) it all. And LISTENED!!! It was refreshing and scary at the same time. Hope it lasts.

Friday, February 11, 2005

The Big 3-0

Well, now. I a little over 2 weeks I turn 30. I know, I know. Really, though, this is not a big deal to me. No, seriously. It's just another year, just another day. Just another reminder that I'm not getting any younger and my face will soon start to wrinkle and my EYESIGHT WILL BE SHOT TO HELL AND I WILL HAVE TO FIGHT HARDER AND HARDER AGAINST ANOTHER FIVE POUNDS AND BUNIONS! I'M GOING TO GET BUNIONS FOR GODS SAKE! BUNIONS!!

Ok. So it's just another year.

Seriously, though, there is one thing that made me say, "Oh. Hang on a minute." My direct female line on my mom's side doesn't have a good track record when it comes to health. My grandmother had a stroke at age 59 and a heart attack at age 60, which killed her. My mother had a heart attack at age 59 (and nothing at age 60, thank god. She is a health 62 now).

Being the third in line to inherit this is unsettling at best and scary at worst. I haven't exactly been excercising like I should, or eating like I should. To think that if I don't really start changing my lifestyle I could end up with the same thing happening to me in 30 years......30 years! But wait! That's how long I've been alive.

That means if I don't change my ways I am...right this point.... half way through my life.


Half way? How can that be! Holy shit. I can't be on the downward swing already, can I?

But here I am, my family's health history staring me in the eye as it winds the clock.

Talk about a kick in the head.

Time to do something about it. More than time to do something about it.....

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I think the groundhog was delirious

Right now it is about 60 outside. I have my window open behind my desk. Firefighters are frolicking on the lawn. What a strange winter! I can't remember a winter like this, not for a looong time.

So, my christian wacko nut friend I wrote about last time. Well, I sent her a nice message basically telling her not to send me things like that anymore. I told her that as a non-christian it really makes me angry that someone is ignoring my right to my beliefs and is telling me in no uncertain terms they don't matter. I said I usually wind up focusing my anger on the people who send me emails like that, in this case her, and I really don't want to be mad at her because I consider her a friend. 3 days later I got a reply: Sorry. That's all, just 'Sorry.' I'm not sure what to think, but I haven't gotten any junk like that from her since.

I did run into her, we shot the shit and went our separate ways. Nothing exciting, we didn't wrestle each other to the ground. Hmmmm.

So, I recently found out that a long time e-friend of my husband has a major crush on him. He was surprised, the oaf. I could have told him she had the hots for him. I remain unsurprised. From what he has told me, she is acting extremly juvenile (she's 32). I mean, this is mickey mouse stuff. It is amusing, if sad....