Wednesday, April 04, 2012


First, a story.  About a year ago, I received an email at work with some important information.  The email started out like this:

BLUF: (some important bit of administrivia here).

I had never seen the acronym BLUF, so of course I Googled it.  The first hit on Yahoo was for the Wikipedia page that explained to me that BLUF was a military term that meant Bottom Line Up Front.  Makes sense.

The second hit from Yahoo told me that it also stood for the Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub.  BLUF is a club for men who enjoy wearing breeches and leather uniforms, it told me.  Suffice it to say, I did NOT go to the website on a government computer.  Ahem.

However, knowing that the guy that sent me the email was a big, muscle-bound, motorcycle ridin', tattoo-sportin' kinda dude, I decided to raz him a bit. 

"Breaches & Leather Uniform Fanclub???????"  I wrote back.
"Bottom Line Up Front," he replied.  Then he said: "However, I wouldn't be opposed to such a club.  :)"
"Maybe you should check out the membership before you say something like that," was my reply.

Time passed.  Then:

"OMG!!!!!!!  I'm never using that acronym again!!!"

I will therefore never forget what BLUF stands for.
I will go into details when I have more time to write, but BLUF is that I am flying the office solo this week and things are going swimmingly.  People have come into the office that NEVER came into the office because Alan was there. Also, Alan has called twice.  Yup. I'm also very impressed with the new company, math test not withstanding.