Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas, etc.

Christmas this year was nice, we did a small Christmas. My parents, however, didn't. They never do. Christmas is really big for them (not in the religious sense, but in the giving sense). My dad didn't have a lot growing up, and I think this is his way of making sure his kid doesn't have to go through the same. He got me a mid-range Kitchen-Aid mixer. His idea, which totally floored me. They also got me a nice gardening tool set, and got Matt some work gloves he'd been wanting and a few other things.

Matt's parents got me a gift certificate for a European facial, which should be interesting. I'm looking forward to it. They got Matt a GC for two hour-long massages at the school on top of the mountain. They got us a GC for the local winery. And a few odds and ends. We got them an Oriole feeder, since they have several families of Orioles that nest in the yard in the summer, and a few other odds and ends.

We went to Marshall's last night and I picked up a German brand baking dish. I am in LOVE with this dish. The brand is Emsa, it is a special type of ceramic called Ceratherm. You can put it in the freezer. In the oven. In the microwave. In the dishwasher. AND on the grill. Only problem with it is that the nice cover was missing, but it is still a baking dish and it was $3. You can't argue with that. So, I'm going to try to find some more stuff online, the company looks great and so do their designs.

I'm planning a trip to Clarion this coming Wednesday and Thursday with a stay-over at Tim's place. I still need to contact Doc and confirm, set up a time, but that shouldn't be a problem. I've never made this trip by myself. Yes, really. But I drove down to Lexington, VA, to visit a friend a year or so ago and it is almost as long, and I didn't have any problems, so this trip should be good, too. Still, weather permiting.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Nothing much

Not been here in a while, sorry.

Pokey the arm stick is still doing well. It is two weeks tomorrow. I still have some lingering bruising, but it is dissipating well. The incision site is still healing, too. None of the erratic bleeding I was warned repeatedly about (thank god). I was thinking how difficult it is for American women to find information on American sites for this, so I was thinking of starting a Yahoo Group for Implanon users, just to get some first-person accounts out there for other women to read.

We’ve been struggling to get our background check forms filled out before the furlough. But wait a minute, you say! Didn’t you already fill them out, like over a year ago? Why yes, yes we did. A year and a half ago, to be exact, but some nitwit in DC decided to go ahead and SHRED all the background check forms they had from aaaalllll the departments, because they didn’t know where they all came from and didn’t want to spend the time to sort them. So into the shredder they went. The less I say about this the better.

The furlough is right around the corner, and I’m planning on doing not much except keep house, make some jewelry, and probably an overnight trip to Clarion to visit. I haven’t been to Clarion in 4-5 years, at least. I recently heard from my former boss, Tom, at the University Relations office. He’s working out of Ralston dorm right now, seeing as how they razed the old Alumni House in preparation for building a new dorm. I also finally got a hold of Doc E, one of my favorite people from Clarion, and I hope to see him while in town, too. And I’ll probably pop in on Suzanne and surprise her. Oh, and there was someone else I wanted to see….who could that have been…..hmmm….oh, it’s Tim!! That’s right. Tim.

I’m also going to fill out a consultation form for the Small Business Development Center at Shippensburg, a free service, and get some more information to think about for a jewelry business. On the side, of course, I’m not quitting my day job any time soon. I have some things to work out: wholesale? Sell to shops? Sell to customers? Online? Is it going to be worth it in terms of taxes?? I just don’t know how to answer these questions.

I went over to the very small bead shop in Waynesboro only to find she’s closed. I found the (made in China) earwires I needed NOW at Walmart, dammit, but got them anyway because I didn’t have time to wait for mail order. They probably have lead in them.

While I was sulking about the bead shop, I noticed a new Gold’s Gym had apparently opened up nearby, so I stopped in out of morbid curiosity. They had actually JUST opened that very day, so I got the grand tour. Not just weight machines but also free weights, which I prefer. Loads of treadmills and elliptical trainers (love elliptical trainers). Nice locker room. Spinning classes. Friendly staff, and it’s less expensive than I had expected. I’m going to think about it. I need to talk to the Dr about my knee first, though, it’s still bothering me. And I’m going to buy this tshirt.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Implanon: the Arm Preservative

Well, I got my new arm-stick yesterday. I'm still kinda freaked out a little, it is poking at me and itchy. I actually called the doctor this morning to tell them about it and ask what's going on, but they said with the amount of swelling that I have (normal) that I need to wait at least a week to see if it goes down. The way he explained it sounds perfectly fine, but it still is freaking me out.

For the ones of two readers that did not already hear the story:
I went in yesterday morning for my 10:30 appointment, they took me in right on time. Carrie, one of the Physicians Assistants (PA) was to do the deed. They made me take off my shirt and put on a gown. Carrie gave me a numbing shot while the nurse (?) kept watch over me. They gave it a minute to numb up, then they started the insertion. I DID NOT watch, I kept my mind on breathing because if I didn't I would forget and pass out. (this is common with people getting tattoos, too. When I got mine, the tattoo artist said she had people pass out all the time: not because of pain, but because they forgot to breath).

Carrie told me my skin was very tough. Great. They actually take the applicator and use it to push through the skin and make a channel. They then insert the stick by twisting the applicator, and the stick itself is supposed to 'catch' and stay put. Note my use of the words 'supposed to.' Yes, you heard right: it didn't stay put.

So she did it again (after asking me if I minded. Are you kidding?) And it still didn't stay put. She sent the nurse for Dr. Oh, who was the only MD there who had done these as well. And they looked at the applicator, and then he tried. And it STILL didn't stay put (so now we are 0/3).

Everyone kept telling me I was a trooper. I couldn't feel anything. They asked if they could try once more and I said sure, this is getting to be old hat. Laughs all around. Ha ha. No, wait. Ha ha ha.

They tried again and it still didn't take. They sent the nurse for another one while they fiddled and played with the applicator, which they thought was defective. They tried with the second one and THAT ONE DIDN'T TAKE EITHER. Can you believe this? Still can't feel anything.
They tried one more time with the 2nd applicator and it finally took. The Doc felt for the stick, and Carrie felt for the stick and they looked at each other and the doc said.....
Wait for it.....
"They're both in there."
Yes. Somewhere along the line the first one DID deploy and then the 2nd one deployed and omigod I have *2* arm sticks in my arm. The doc did get one out, so I only have one now. But it is making itself known and is pokey and itchy and slightly painful.
So there's my arm stick story. I'm really hoping it is only swelling causing it to push like that, I really don't want to go and get it out and get another one, because they can't adjust it once it's out of the applicator. I also have a lot of bruising, but considering what i went through I guess that's normal.
I'm actually dealing better with this than most women would, I think. I'm not really freaking out, but I am a bit worried. And I think many women would be freaking out from yesterday's 2/6 record.