Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No News, etc.

I really don't have much to report, but I will break things down a bit and just gab:

House: the garden was a colossal failure this year between the drought, the heat, and me getting a new job. Matt spent most of his summer working on the garage, and that didn't help. See the garden blog for more info.

Garage: we have the windows and doors in, which is a huge load off the mind because now we can lock the tools up instead of carting them back and forth to the house. Right now, we're working on running electrical line in the hopes of getting the siding on before cold really sets in and getting the insulation in this winter.

Matt: see above. Also, (this is a secret), he is thinking of going back to school.

Max: losing his sight more and more. Getting a little arthritic but, hey, so will you when you turn 11. Uh, if you're a yorkie, that is. We see the vet tomorrow for our annual check-up, so stay tuned.

Me: I come home tired every day. I mean, fall into bed exhausted, tired. I don't have much more to report.

Stink Bugs: they have invaded.